The Gers Retreat

Harmony of History and Nature



A truly memorable getaway

Discover the relaxed charm of Le Berdoy guesthouse, a 19th-century estate tucked away in the scenic Gers region. In its generous garden, you’ll find a unique wooden deck with a built-in whirlpool – a perfect spot for soaking up the sun and unwinding. Overhead, sailcloth shades provide a cool retreat on sunny days, while comfortable loungers invite you to relax and enjoy the peaceful surroundings. This tranquil spot blends rustic elegance with the comforts of outdoor living for a truly memorable getaway. Additionally, Le Berdoy enhances your stay with the option of organic meals, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner, prepared to offer a taste of the region’s natural bounty.

Journey with us as we unveil the unique character and charm of Le Berdoy’s four distinctive rooms, each offering a glimpse into the estate’s serene lifestyle.

1 – Chambre Nord-Ouest

Tucked on the first floor, Chambre Nord-Ouest offers a minimalist yet cozy space. Comfortable furniture, an eclectic selection of books, and walls adorned with artwork and posters create a homely atmosphere, enhanced by touches of nature with dried flowers. The dedicated bathroom, though not en-suite, provides all the necessary amenities just a few steps away.

  • Minimalist Coziness
  • Artistic Flair
  • Homely Touches

Comfortable furniture • Curated book collection • External bathroom

2 – Chambre Nord-Est

Chambre Sud-Ouest mirrors the minimalistic and comfortable aesthetic of the house, with the added privacy of an en-suite bathroom. This room invites relaxation amidst its cozy furnishings, thought-provoking books, and inspiring artworks. Here, the essence of tranquility meets the convenience of modern living.

  • Private Sanctuary
  • Inspired Living
  • Artistic Comfort

En-suite bathroom • Cozy furnishings • Cozy furnishings

3 – Chambre Sud-Est

Chambre Sud-Est offers a peaceful retreat, influenced by the simplicity of Japanese design. Simple yet comfortable furniture, complemented by Japanese-inspired posters and art, creates a calm, Zen-like space. The nearby external bathroom echoes the room’s uncluttered and soothing style.

  • Zen Ambiance
  • Japanese Inspiration
  • Tranquil Retreat

Comfortable furniture • Curated book collection  • External bathroom

4 – Chambre Sud-Ouest

Nestled in the calm of the first floor, Chambre Nord-Est is a space that caters to those with a taste for mature elegance. Furnished with a minimalist approach, the room features comfortable furniture that invites rest and relaxation. The walls are adorned with select pieces of art and posters, while dried flowers bring a touch of nature indoors. The bathroom, though not en suite, provides all the necessary amenities just a few steps away.

  • Serene Elegance
  • Curated Artistry
  • Nature’s Touch

Comfortable Furnishings • External Bathroom  • Quiet and Mature Ambiance

At Le Berdoy guesthouse each day is an invitation to serenity and natural beauty. We welcome you to experience the authentic harmony of life in the heart of Gers.

Suzy & Lorenz, the housekeepers

Facilities & services


  • Ground floor featuring common areas: living room, dining room, and kitchen
  • Four bedrooms located on the first floor
  • Two bathrooms and a toilet

For All Seasons

  • Central heating for comfort throughout the year

Ample Space

  • Spacious terrace and garden for relaxation
  • A serene pond and orchard
  • 60 hectares of woods and organic fields to explore
  • Complimentary parking available

Food Service

  • Optional breakfast available at €8
  • Lunch and dinner offered at €16 each
  • All meals are organic
  • delightful continental breakfast: Indulge in a variety of choices
  • Including coffee or tea, organic and local jams, fresh fruit juice, cheeses from nearby farms, and freshly baked morning bread
  • We are happy to provide a fully vegan continental breakfast upon request.

Household Essentials

  • Fully equipped kitchen for your culinary needs
  • Washing machine for convenience
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Hairdryer provided

Work and Connectivity

  • WiFi access throughout the property
  • Facilities suitable for business or remote work

Outdoor Pursuits

  • BBQ area for outdoor dining
  • Converted garage serving as a semi-outdoor, semi-indoor chill-out area

Cultural and Natural Delights near Le Berdoy

Explore the rich tapestry of culture and nature surrounding Le Berdoy, where the rhythms of rural life blend seamlessly with the artistic vibrance of local festivals and breathtaking natural landscapes. From the soulful beats of the Tempo Latino festival to the serene trails of the Pyrenees, every visit promises a unique and enriching experience.

Le Berdoy Highlights: Charm and Serenity Unveiled

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